Workshop with Vee Cantadeau

A journey towards perfection, self--acceptance, releasing blocks, embracing God and Oneness and Spirit thanks

One amazing workshop


Singing – Healing – Rejoicing – Giving thanks to Spirit

Singing: Vee Cantadeu is an excellent singer and voice coach. She used to teach music to teenagers and knows how to make it simple , play- and joyful. You will get basic instructions in singing to sing along with ease, learn uplifting new songs with powerful affirmative lyrics to use further on in your daily life and get special ear training to know what sounds of music serve you best.

Healing: Next to Vee Cantadeu’s skills and experience the Workshop is based on the philosophy of Ernest Holmes: “The Science of Mind “ and books of Louise L. Hay as “You can heal your life”. It‘s structured according to the “5 steps principle” of a spiritual mind treatment. So it includes an introduction into E. Holmes‘ principle of the Science of Mind and exercises to become aware of personal blocks. You‘ll be trained how to detect, resolve and release them. Vee Cantadeu is a trained facilitator, angelic reiki master-teacher and highly intuitive Spirit channel. She’ll also be eager in enhancing your ability to listen to your Inner Voice. In a special meditation she’ll connect you with your Spirit Guide or Higher Self.

Rejoicing and thanks: Find the trust to explore “the unknown” , let go off unnecessary control. You’ll feel free and full of joy. Come and find your forgotten world of lightness, peace, joy and happiness!

Duration: 1 day; preferably at weekends, e.g. Saturday

Could be split in 2 half days or 3 evenings – upon agreement

Costs: According to group size: 5-9: $380.- / 10-20: $320.- per person

handicapped: $250.- / including course books

Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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