• 1. A and O
  • 2. I am light
  • 3. I am what I am
  • 4. Oneness
  • 5. Freedom
  • 6. Thank you
  • 7. I’m singing a new song to God
  • 8.-14. Playbacks to the songs
Published: November 2009 .
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"I AM LIGHT" begins with peaceful, calm, ethereal sounds, moving joyously onward with uplifting, playful, ballroom dance music. The sound of Vee's voice is filled with Divine healing powers. Together with beautiful calming, energizing and uplifting keyboard sounds to accompany the songs, Vee creates an extraordinary blend of both ethereal as well as more "down-to-earth" healing vibrations.

The CD has been designed to reach out to everyone, to share the deep inner love and wisdom of Universal Spirit, and to promote spiritual healing. This is Vee's first CD using her own music only. She composed, arranged, plays and sings all the songs by herself, and also designed the CD.

The lyrics to these lovely melodies are like positive affirmative prayers, which resonate the magic of her music. This magical combination provokes a deep inner sense of peace and healing from within. Deeply inward going healing impulses are produced and received, resolving blocked energies, transforming them into positive flows from within to the outside, often provoking delightful healing sensations. And the effects are maintained and further carried onwards by the listener. Like a mystical journey into heaven and back to earth. Healing vacations for the soul.



Frohe Weihnachten mit Vee Cantadeu contains the most beautiful and best known German Christmas carols and the evergreen „White Christmas“. Specialty: The piano accompaniment is by her tutor Helga Kosta.



  • 1. O du fröhliche
  • 2. Leise rieselt der Schnee
  • 3. White Christmas
  • 4. Kling, Glöckchen, kling
  • 5. O Tannenbaum
  • 6. Alle Jahre wieder
  • 7. Süsser die Glocken nie klingen
  • 8. Vom Himmel hoch, da komm’ ich her
  • 9. Kommet ihr Hirten
  • 10. Ihr Kinderlein kommet
  • 11. Susani, susani
  • 12. Stille Nacht
  • 13. Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen
  • 14. Tochter Zion

This was the first CD planned by Vee Cantadeu for commercial distribution. However, more than 10 years passed between the idea and its realization. It was a special delight to Vee finally to record some of her favourite childhood Christmas songs on this CD.

Further, Vee wanted to avoid the songs sounding like operatic areas, as Christmas carols are sung all over the world by nearly everyone, and above all by children. With this in mind, the end result is a masterpiece. All the songs sound as though sung by a choirboy, rather than by a classically-trained soprano!

Published: December 2005



Vee Cantadeu first produced this CD with German classical music as a demo version with only 6 pieces on it. It was her first CD produced at a studio.

Piano accompaniment: Ivaylo Kovachev.



  • 1. Ein kleiner Zweig voll Regentropfen / F. Grothe
  • 2. Heut’ macht die Welt Sonntag für mich / J. Strauss, N. Dostal
  • 3. Voi, che sapete / W.A. Mozart; Cherubin in Hochzeit des Figaro
  • 4. Ridente la calma / W.A. Mozart
  • 5. Wohin? / F. Schubert
  • 6. Seligkeit / F. Schubert
  • 7. Mondnacht / R. Schumann
  • 8. Wiegenlied / op. 49, J. Brahms
  • 9. Mariä Wiegenlied / M. Reger
  • 10. In mir klingt ein Lied / F. Chopin, A. Melichar aus Abschiedswalzer

Having been asked over and over again for a CD one could buy Vee Cantadeu finally decided in 2004 to go back to the studio and add a couple of songs in order to be able to sell the CD on demand. Well, the demand hasn’t ceased ever since. She’d already had to reproduce another batch of it.

Published fullversion: Autumn 2004

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